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Ace Games presents Ace Double Slots

Ace Double Slots - 7s, bars, cherries
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Ace Double Slots - Leader board

Q. How do you play Ace Double Slots?

Ace slots is a fun game to play. Just click on the - Click here to play Ace Double Slots - button. Then keep clicking the - Spin - button and see how much you win. Good luck!

Q. What are the payoffs.

3 double symbols
3 sevens
3 triple bars
3 double bars
3 single bars
3 of any bar
3 cherries
2 cherries
1 cherry

1 double symbol then 2x winning credits
2 double symbols then 4x winning credits

Q. What does the double symbol do?

The double symbol does 2 things. First, it acts like a wild card. So if you have 2 single bars and a double symbol, then you would get credit for 3 single bars.

The second part is that it doubles your payout for the symbol. In the above example, the 3 single bars may normally pay out 75:1. If you have one double symbol in it, then it would double the layout to 150:1.

If you have 2 double symbols and 1 bar, then it will give you 4 times the payoff to 300:1.

Q. How do you get on the leader board?

To get on the slots leader board, just hit the quit button and then if you have enough points the game will prompt you for your user handle and a comment. Then you can put your inf. in there and you will be on the leader board.

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