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Ace Keno Rules & Scoring

Q.What is Keno?

Keno is a game that is similar to the state lottery types of games. The game starts out with 80 numbers on the screen. Then the computer picks 15 numbers. The object of the game is for you to pick some of the same numbers that the computer picks.

Q. How do I play.

Fist click on the "Click here to play Ace Keno" button above. The next screen you see will have 80 numbers on it. You need to select between 1 and 15 numbers. You select the numbers by clicking on the boxes. Then select one of the bet options at the top. For starters, select the "Bet" button. I will discuss the other bet options later.

Once you select the "Bet" button another screen will pop up. It will have the results of your bet and the payoff. Your payoff is determined by the number of matches you have with the computer verses how many numbers you picked. The payoff is automatically calculated.

Then keep playing in the same way. Good luck and have fun!

Q. What do the "Bet","Bet Against","Catch All" and "Clear" buttons mean?

The Bet button indicates that are betting the computer will match your picks. You will get a payoff if the computer matches one or more of your picks.

The Bet Against button indicates that you are betting that the computer will NOT match your picks.

The Catch All button is similar to the Bet button. However, with the Catch All button the computer needs to match all of your picks in order for you to win anything. With the Bet button the computer can match 1 or more of your picks in order for you to win.

The Clear button just clears the screen. No credits are wagered.

Q. What are the payoffs?

Keno Bet Payoffs

Keno Bet Against Payoffs

Keno Catch All Payoffs

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