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Ace Same - puzzle game
Difficulty Level

Leader board - Ace Same Easy
Leader board - Ace Same Normal
Leader board - Ace Same Difficult

Instructions for playing Ace Same

Q. What is the object of Ace Same

To clear out all the blocks on the screen.

Q. How do you clear the blocks?

  • All vertically and horizontally touching objects of the same color will clear out when clicked
  • Blocks above cleared out objects will fall
  • If an entire column is cleared out, colums to the right will shift left
  • Game is complete when you clear all the blocks or you can't click on anymore.

ex: If you were to click on the purple 2 in the 1st diagram and it will result in the second diagram.
44 4
44 4
The two purple blocks disappear. The two blocks on top of the purple ones slide down.

Q. How does the scoring work?

2 0
3 1
4 4
5 9
6 16
7 25
n (n-2)^2

If you clear all the blocks, you get 1000 bonus points!

Q. How do I start playing?

Click the "Click here to play Ace Same" button above.

Q. Credits for the game?

The game is based on KSame by Marcus Kreutzberger.