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Free, online solitaire otherwise known as a patience games or Klondike. Works great with all browsers including MSN TV (formerly WebTV) and Worldgate. Featured games also include slots, video poker and blackjack.

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Instructions for playing Solitaire at Ace Games

Q. What are the rules of solitaire?

Click here for Solitaire Rules

Q. How do I start playing?

Start on the following page: Ace Solitaire Click the "Click here to play Ace Solitaire" button.

Q. Where is the status message and what is it?

The status message is in the middle of the screen right below the "Click to deal cards". It generally tells you what you can do next. It also tells you if moves are legal or not.

Q. How do I move the cards?

To move a card, click ONCE on the card you want to move. Wait for the screen to come back and the status message will say "Click destination card." Then determine where you want to move the card and click ONCE on that card. Remember that is has to be the opposite color and a lower number/rank. Ex: put a 3 diamonds on a 4 of clubs. Then the status message will say: "Good move. Select card to move or click deck for new cards."

Q. How do I deal more cards?

Just click on the "Click to deal cards." card. It is in the upper left hand corner of the screen. Then 3 new cards will be deal from the deck.

Q. How do I move a card from the deck?

Just move the card in the same manner that you would move any other card. See the "How do I move the cards" question above.

Q. Why can't I move a card into a blank column?

Only kings are allowed to be moved to a blank column.

Q. Why can't I move a 2 of clubs on top of the ace of hearts in the upper right hand corner of the game?

When you get to the end game ( 4 cards in the upper right hand corner), you must move a card of the same suit on top of the aces. Ex. the 2 of heart must be placed on the ace of hearts.

Q. How do I win the game of solitaire at acegames?

All cards must be placed in the upper right hand corner of the game. Starting from the ace to the king in order with the same suit.

Q. What if I get confused and nothing seems to work?

Press the "Click to deal cards." card and 3 new cards will be dealt. This will also eliminate any move errors you are having. Then you can move a card with out trouble.

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